Transcription Challenge

Please help us with the following transcription challenges!  Use the comment field at the bottom of the screen to offer transcription suggestions.

Please be sure to include the specific name of the challenge, such as “First Holy Cross Challenge,” and the number of the issue, especially if there are multiple transcription issues in a single image.

To enlarge the image, click on it.  You can then hit the View Full Size button on the lower right, which will open the image in a new tab.  You can zoom in further by clicking again (your mouse should look like a magnifying glass).  To return to the Transcription Challenge page, go back to the old tab and click the X in the upper right.

Comment below in the following format: #: Last Name, First Name with ideas for what these names might be.


First Holy Cross Challenge

#1: 8th entry, witness 2’s name (Francis’s baptism)

#2: 15th entry, witness 1’s name (Edward’s baptism)


Second Holy Cross Challenge

#3: 9th entry, child and father’s last name (Hannah’s baptism)

#4: 13th entry, child and father’s last name (James’s baptism)

#5: 15th entry, child and father’s last name (Alice’s baptism)

Third Holy Cross Challenge

#6: 3rd entry witness’s names (Gulielmus Valentine’s baptism)

#7: 7th entry witness’s names (Gratia Francisca’s baptism)



Fourth Holy Cross Challenge

#8: 6th line from bottom witness 2’s name (Leo Walter’s baptism)