Transcription Challenge

Please help us with the following transcription challenges!  Use the comment field at the bottom of the screen to offer transcription suggestions.

Please be sure to include the number of the problem you are answering.

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Comment below in the following format: #: Last Name, First Name with ideas for what these names might be.

Comments will be approved between the hours of 9-5 EST.


First Immaculate Conception (Salem) Challenge

#1: 3rd entry, groom’s last name

#2: 3rd entry, bride’s full name



Second St. Mary (Salem) Challenge

#3: last entry, witness 2’s first name (Winzell and Carr marriage)



Third St. Mary (Salem) Challenge

#4: 6th entry, witness 2’s name (is it a first name, a last name?) (Cartlin and Corkery marriage)



Fourth Sacred Heart of Jesus (Cambridge) Challenge

#5: 2nd entry, child and father’s last name (Eunice’s baptism)