Improvements in Search User Experience

Bottom of Image and Transcript pages showing the database; citation, description, search tips, and help links

We are happy to deliver some new capabilities tooday to improve your search experience. The new capabilities include:

  • Database information at bottom of Image and Transcript Pages – the database citation, description, search tips and help links are now displayed at the bottom of the page. This saves you the trouble of having to link off to a new page to get valuable contextual information when reviewing search results. So, don’t forget to page down!
  • Streamlined headings for the Image and Transcript pages – with the database information now on the results page, we have been able to shrink the space at the top of the page by about an inch. This gives you more visibility on your results with less scrolling
  • Print Search Results – When you are viewing your search results, you can now print the page out using the new button on the screen. The print includes only the actual search results, and just for the page you have currently selected.

The pictures below highlight where to look for these new capabilities.

Top of Image and Transcript pages showing streamlined headings and new buttons for New Search and Favorites

Search results page with the new Print button highlighted

As we deliver updates to the database search capabilities on American Ancestors, we will continue to let you know through DB News. We hope you enjoy this update, and wish you the best of luck in your research!