New Category Search Option

Image 1 – Access category searches now available from Advanced Search

We are happy to deliver a new search option for you this week: Category Search. We are providing separate search pages for each category of databases, and the link for each category can be found right at the bottom of Advanced Search (see Image 1). The new capabilities in category search include:

  • Focused search fields – the search fields available for each category are only those that are commonly used in that category. This avoids the all too common problem of using search fields for which you will get no results (See Image 2).
  • Search tips and category descriptions right on the search screen – you don’t need to perform a search or click to another screen to get tips on the available fields. You may need to scroll down to see this.
  • List of all databases within the category – if you want to see what databases are in each category you can click on the button at the top right and it will list the relevant databases.
  • Sample page images – A few sample page images are included for each category to provide you some perspective of what you can find in the databases for that category (See Image 3).
  • Inclusive search results! – The results will include results that match any of your criteria. This is an important change. Results that match all or most of your search criteria appear at the top, and partial matches appear below.

New way to send comments. One additional change is an enhanced comment box on Search Results, Image and Transcript pages. This replaces the button to “Report an error”, and is meant to be a way for you to share comments and questions in addition to reporting errors. The comment box can be found right above the Help section on the image, transcript, and search results pages. The comment box takes up very little space on the form, but when you type in it, it expands to include your email address (prepopulated if you are signed in) and show the Send/Cancel buttons (See Image 3). When the message is sent it shows that you did successfully send a message.

We hope you enjoy these changes. Please address any feedback and comments to

Image 2: Category Search for Journals and Periodicals – with search tips

Image 3 – Category Search for Journals and Periodicals – with sample images and description

Image 4 – Expandable comment box