New Search Results Capabilities

Sample of the new Search Results features

We are happy to launch two enhancement to the Search Results page today, as part of our ongoing efforts to improve your search experience. They are particularly helpful when using Category Search or the new Database specific search, since the default is to show a broad array of results.

Search Sliders – located on the top left side of the search results, you will see some sliders on the search results. They apply to Name, Location and Years parameters of your search. The values of your current search are displayed on the left, and the slider is to the right. An example is shown above.

To use them, just move the slider to the right to ensure results match your request exactly, and to the left for broader search results. As soon as you let go of the slider the search results are updated.

If you want to change the values you are searching for, just use the Refine button as in the past.

Cutoff bar – our search technology seeks to list the most relevant results first. This cutoff bar will appear as a blue bar to help mark a point where results that only partially match your results start. It is just informational, and in cases where large numbers of results meet your criteria, you may not see it on the first page. Also, if you choose to order your results by any value other than relevance, the bar will not appear.

We hope you enjoy these new capabilities. We expect to add some additional options to the filters in the near future. Please address any feedback and comments to We love to hear from you!