New Menus on American Ancestors

New menu structure with the Search items expanded

There is a new structure to the menus on American Ancestors! There are now seven top level menu items to help you navigate more easily through the breadth of content and services available from NEHGS. Each of the menu items has a short description below it, and by hovering over it you can see the organization of the resources for each area.

From the database perspective, all links related to search of any kind of database can be found under the Search heading. As shown in the image above, once you hover over Search, you can then select from the sub-menus to get to directly to what you need. The key items included are:

  • Search All Databases – the standard Advanced Search page to search across over 450 databases
  • Category searches – the recently announced category specific search pages, are available for a tailored search experience to each category of databases; such as Vital Records
  • Browse Databases A to Z – previously on a separate menu, the database lets you find a specific database to use for your research
  • Special Interest Databases –the externally provided searchable databases, made available to NEGHS members
  • Articles Guides and Study projects – provides access to the ongoing study projects that are used to create unique searchable databases and publications
  • Library Catalog – lets you search through the entire NEHGS library catalog
  • Digital Book and Manuscript Collection – the place to search through our digital collections from the NEHGS Library and the Jewish Heritage Center.

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