Improved Boscawen, NH: Records of the Second Church of Christ, 1804-1883

Boston & Maine Railroad Station, Boscawen, New Hampshire, 1908. Reproduced from an original postcard published by Fred James, Boscawen, New Hampshire. Public Domain, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

We have revamped the database Boscawen, NH: Records of the Second Church of Christ, 1804-1883. This database now contains the page image of the original manuscript, and it is searchable by first name and last name, record type, and family members (where available).

The Second Church of Christ of Boscawen was organized September 10, 1804. In 1860, the town of Webster was set off from Boscawen, and in 1868, the church, now within the new town’s boundaries, was renamed the First Congregational Church of Webster. These records in this manuscript were abstracted by Helen Loring Barnes and include baptisms, marriages, deaths, and church dismissals.

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