New database: Denmark: Mormon Missionaries and Emigrants to America, 1872-1894

Print shows Havnegade (Port Street) in Copenhagen, Denmark between 1880 and 1890. (Source: Flickr Commons project, 2009). Courtesy of

We are very happy to announce a new database today; Denmark: Mormon Missionaries and Migration to America, 1872-1894.

This database contains the complete manuscript of Passport to Paradise, The Copenhagen “Mormon” Passenger Lists Vol. 1 1872-1887 and Vol 2. 1888-1894 by Shauna C. Anderson Young, Susan Easton Black, and Ruth Ellen Maness. Copyright 2000.

The database contains over 26,000 searchable names, 14,000 records, and 1,200 pages of detailed information on Mormon emigrants who boarded ships in Copenhagen and started their journey to America.  This resource work gives names, gender, ages, marital status, occupations, place of residence, destinations of specific ships, European departure dates, and arrivals at US ports. The introduction volume provides a great deal of valuable reference information, including: Scandinavian alphabets, how family names were formed, maps, and codes and terms used through the manuscript.

This database contains the full content of both volumes. For online publication we have arranged the contents so that the all passenger lists from 1872 through 1894 are in a single online volume titled Passengers. All the introduction information is in the Introduction, and the name index is a volume titled Index.

You can get additional information about the authors and their work on the site for the Winter Quarters project. This team of authors previously provided us the manuscript behind the database Norway: Mormon Missionaries and Emigrants to America, 1886-1900, providing valuable information on emigration from Norway to America.

This database can be searched using the following fields:

  • First and last name
  • Year
  • Record type – Birth, Death, Emigration, Marriage
  • Location
  • Family member names: Spouse, Mother and Father (where available)

This new database is made possible by the invaluable efforts of our growing team of volunteers, particularly David Anderson. We genuinely appreciate their support. If you are interested in joining the team, please contact Rachel Adams, Database Services Volunteer Coordinator

Please note: This database is available to Individual-level and above NEHGS members only. Consider membership.