New Database Massachusetts: Plymouth Colony Deeds, 1671-1673

Map of Plymouth, MA in 1910. Public Domain courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

We are extremely happy to announce a new database today; Massachusetts: Plymouth Colony Deeds, 1671-1673.  This database of transcribed Plymouth Colony Deeds, is based on the book Records of the Colony of New Plymouth in New England, Vol. III, pt.2, 1671-1673; which was transcribed and indexed by Scott Andrew Bartley and released in 2019.

This work is a continuation of the series ordered by the Massachusetts legislature, who published 12 volumes of records of Plymouth Colony from 1855 to 1861. The last of these volumes contained Deeds from 1620 to 1651. This book is available in the NEHGS Library with call number F68 .N55. Jeremy Dupertuis Bangs restarted this series by publishing the 13th and 14th volumes covering Deeds, Volume 2 for 1651-1663 (published in 2016), and Volume 3, part 1 for 1663-1671 (published in 2017).

This database is indexed by first and last name, and date of the deed. All records are of the type Deed. The names of Indians involved in these transactions are captured in the first name field, along with any alias that applied. The Preface contains a detailed explanation of the presentation of the transcription. The database has over 250 pages and 2,300 indexed names.

Please note: This database is available to NEHGS members only. Consider Membership.