New Database Lowell, MA: High School Students, 1837-1878

Sample page for the examination of February 14, 2019.

We are very happy to announce a new database today; Lowell, MA: High School Students, 1837-1878. The database contains over 170 pages and 25,000 indexed names.

Lowell High School was founded in 1831 and was the nation’s first integrated and co-educational high school. In 1837 it was housed in its permanent location between Kirk and Ann Streets. Broadsides were published listing the students and other information including class rank. This provides valuable information for family researchers regarding children of workers and immigrants who settled in Lowell.

All the records in this database are of type Residence and have a location of Lowell, Massachusetts, reflecting the assumption that the students and staff were residents of Lowell at time of the event published in the Broadside. The index includes names and dates for the students, principal and faculty as recorded in the broadsides. The printed Broadside often includes information such as attendance and class rank.

This update is made possible by the efforts of our volunteers: David Anderson and Linda Weaver. If you would like to become part of the team working on rewarding genealogical projects, please contact Rachel Adams, Database Services Volunteer Coordinator via email at

Keith Arbour, author of The Lowell High School Broadsides 1837 – 1878, provided the initial index of names used to create this database. The subtitle of the book; “A Unique Collection of Printed Sources documenting The Early History and Student Body of the Lowell, Massachusetts, Public High School, Fully Co-Educational and Racially Integrated from its Inception in 1831” provides an excellent summary of his book. It was privately printed in June, 2018

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