Archdiocese of Boston: New searchable records for Boston Harbor Islands, Concord, and Norwood

Map of Boston Harbor Islands
Map of the Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area, Boston, Massachusetts, USA. This image was produced by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. As a product of the US Government, it is in the public domain and not protected by copyright restrictions.

Today we have added 8 new volumes to Massachusetts: Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston Records, 1789-1920. Today’s additions include The Boston Harbor Island Mission, and the parishes of St. Bernard in Concord and St. Catherine of Siena in Norwood. This update includes over 620 pages, and over 105,000 searchable names.

Priests traveled to the Boston Harbor Islands to say Mass and administer sacraments, hence the categorization of a mission. The illustration above provides a map showing of many of the Boston Harbor Islands.

St. Bernard’s records in Concord begin in 1868. In One Hundred Years of Progress, James S. Sullivan recounts the slow but steady growth of this parish compared to other parishes in more industrial towns.

St. Catherine of Siena in Norwood was established as a mission of St. Mary (Dedham) in 1863. It became its own parish in 1890.

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  • Boston Harbor Islands Baptisms and Marriages, 1877-1920 (Mission)
  • Boston Harbor Islands Baptisms, 1877-1920 (Mission)
  • Boston Harbor Islands Sick Calls, 1894-1920 (Mission)
  • Bernard (Concord) Baptisms, 1868-1900
  • Bernard (Concord) Marriages, 1868-1920
  • Catherine of Siena (Norwood) Baptisms, 1890-1908
  • Catherine of Siena (Norwood) Confirmations, 1890-1917
  • Catherine of Siena (Norwood) Marriages, 1890-1908

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