Archdiocese of Boston: New searchable records for Hyde Park & South Boston

painting of St. Adelbert
Painting of St. Adelbert of Prague, 1855. Public Domain courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Today we have added 10 new volumes for the Massachusetts: Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston Records, 1789-1920 database. Today’s additions include St. Adalbert in Hyde Park, and Our Lady of the Holy Rosary in South Boston, and St. Vincent de Paul in South Boston. This update includes 10 volumes, 750 pages, and nearly 30,000 searchable names.

Many of the Polish parishes in the Archdiocese of Boston were founded, at least in part, due to the missionary labors of the pioneer Polish priest, Father John Chmielinski. The considerable Polish community had been ministered to by Father Chmielinski and others, and a parish was created in 1913 under Father Alexander Syski. Within a year he erected a basement church, and in 1929 began building the superstructure, which as completed by his successor, Farther Sikora. The church was constructed at 1450 River Street in Hyde Park, and was dedicated as the Church of St. Adalbert on September 7, 1931.

The Parish of Our Lady of the Rosary was set off from Sts. Peter and Paul, and Rev. John J. McNulty became the pastor on June 8, 1884. Land was acquired on West Sixth Street between C and D Streets, and construction started in September. On October 18, 1885, the church was dedicated by Archbishop Williams.

Saint Vincent de Paul of South Boston is at the corner of E and Third Street, and was just one block from the water when it was built. The church was dedicated on the Festival of St. Vincent de Paul on July 19, 1874 in a ceremony performed by Bishop Williams.

The 10 new volumes in this release are:
• St. Adalbert (Hyde Park) Baptisms, 1912-1919
• St. Adalbert (Hyde Park) Baptisms, 1919-1920
• St. Adalbert (Hyde Park) First Communions, 1918-1920
• St. Adalbert (Hyde Park) Interments, 1913-1920
• St. Adalbert (Hyde Park) Marriages, 1912-1920
• Our Lady of the Holy Rosary (South Boston) Baptisms, 1911-1920
• Our Lady of the Holy Rosary (South Boston) Confirmations, 1903-1920
• Our Lady of the Holy Rosary (South Boston) Marriages, 1908-1920
• St. Vincent de paul (South Boston) Baptisms, 1910-2920

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Our Lady of the Holy Rosary from One Hundred Years of Progress by James Sullivan, p.90