Archdiocese of Boston: new searchable records from Boston, Chelsea and Lynn

Postcard with a view of Lynn, Massachusetts from High Rock, 1909 (Artist unknown, Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons)

Today we’ve added 19 new volumes to Massachusetts: Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston Records, 1789-1920 from three parishes: Our Lady of Ostrobrama (Boston), St. Stanislaus (Chelsea) and St. Jean Baptiste (Lynn). This update adds over 20,000 names to search.

The new volumes are listed below:

  • Our Lady of Ostrobrama (Boston) Baptisms, 1916-1920
  • Our Lady of Ostrobrama (Boston) Baptisms, 1920
  • Our Lady of Ostrobrama (Boston) Marriages, 1916-1920
  • St. Stanislaus (Chelsea) Baptisms, 1911-1916
  • St. Stanislaus (Chelsea) Baptisms, 1916-1920
  • St. Stanislaus (Chelsea) Baptisms and Marriages, 1907-1918
  • St. Stanislaus (Chelsea) Baptisms, Marriages and Deaths, 1905-1906
  • St. Stanislaus (Chelsea) Confirmations, 1907-1918
  • St. Stanislaus (Chelsea) Confirmations, 1912-1920
  • St. Stanislaus (Chelsea) Deaths, 1907-1918
  • St. Stanislaus (Chelsea) Deaths, 1918-1920
  • St. Stanislaus (Chelsea) First Communions, 1911-1914
  • St. Stanislaus (Chelsea) Marriages, 1907-1918
  • St. Stanislaus (Chelsea) Marriages, 1912-1920
  • St. Stanislaus (Chelsea) Various Records, 1907-1918
  • St. Jean Baptiste (Lynn) Baptisms, 1903-1909
  • St. Jean Baptiste (Lynn) Baptisms, 1910-1915
  • St. Jean Baptiste (Lynn) Baptisms, 1915-1920
  • St. Jean Baptiste (Lynn) Marriages, 1907-1920

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