Early New England Families, 1641-1700: new sketch

Map of Salem Village, Massachusetts, 1692, by William Phineas Upham,1866 (Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons; available through the Norman B. Leventhal Map Center, Boston Public Library)

Today we’ve updated Early New England Families, 1641-1700adding one new sketch. This new sketch features John Putnam and his family. John was born about 1579/1580 in Buckinghamshire, England, with his family largely settling in Salem and the surrounding area before spreading across New England.

The Early New England Families, 1641-1700 study project is led by Alicia Crane Williams. This project highlights heads of families mentioned in Torrey’s New England Marriages to 1700, focusing on individuals who immigrated from 1641 through 1700, grouped by year of marriage.

Interested researchers should also look at Alicia’s posts on Vita Brevis here for more information on her research process and interesting discoveries.

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