New sketches: Early Vermont Settlers, 1700-1784

State flag of Vermont (Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons).

Today we’ve added 10 new sketches and 1 updated sketch to Early Vermont Settlers, 1700-1784. The people profiled in the new and updated sketches lived in Brattleboro, Fort Dummer and Rockingham.

With this study project, Scott Andrew Bartley researches the heads of families who lived in Vermont prior to the Revolutionary War.  These sketches illustrate major players on political and religious fronts, uncover the migration patterns for this period in the region, and identify all those just looking to better their lives on the new frontier.  This project is proceeding in two series, settlers to 1771 and 1772-1784.  The work so far has been geographical, focusing on Windsor and Windham Counties.

The new sketches are listed below:

Gorton, Benjamin (Brattleboro)

Gould, Benjamin (Brattleboro)

Hadley, Ebenezer (Brattleboro)

Moore, Fairbanks Jr. (Rockingham)

Nichols, James (Brattleboro)

Nichols, William (Brattleboro)

Paddleford, Phillip (Brattleboro)

Reeve, Thomas (Brattleboro)

Robinson, Isaac (Brattleboro)

Scovel, Abner (Brattleboro)

The updated sketch is listed below:

Willard, Josiah, Col. (Ft. Dummer)

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