New sketches: Early Vermont Settlers to 1784

Map of New York and Vermont from the early 1780s by Louis Brion de la Tour

Early Vermont Settlers to 1784 now has five new sketches, enumerated below.  This database focuses on families that lived in Vermont prior to the end of the Revolutionary War, as identified in Donald Alan Smith’s thesis “Legacy of Dissent: Religion and Politics in Revolutionary Vermont 1749 to 1784” (Clark U., Ph.D., 1980).

These five new families came from Windsor, VT, where the Constitution of Vermont was signed in 1777.  This constitution created the Republic of Vermont, an independent nation.  The Republic of Vermont existed until 1791 when Vermont became part of the United States.

Ebenezer Hoisington (Windsor)
Joab Hoisington (Windsor-Woodstock)
William Smead (Windsor)
William Smead, Jr. (Windsor)
Zephaniah Spicer (Windsor)

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