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A map from a probate record in Suffolk County which shows the division of Robert Billings’s property after his death.

This week our probate databases are available for free to everyone.  We have 32 databases which fall under the Court, Land, and Probate Records category.  We’ve pulled together some material to better help you understand these collections on

Get a clear definition of what a probate record is, and how they can help be helpful in genealogical research.

Explore probate records which feature famous people including poet Emily Dickinson, author Nathaniel Hawthorne, education advocate Mary Lyons, and inventor Elias Howe.

Learn how best to search the probate record databases offered by by watching these videos:

How to Search Massachusetts Probate File Papers (A quick note to emphasize from this video: Many people become confused when they are first presented with the first page of a case file, which has only a little information on it.  Please continue to browse through a case by clicking the blue arrows on the top right of the screen!)

Searching New England Probate Databases on (An overview of databases ranging from Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, and Rhode Island)

How to Search New York Probate Databases on (An overview of our databases which focus on probate records from New York)

If these short videos leave you wanting to know more, immerse yourself in the study of probate records by watching David Allen Lambert’s webinar on the topic.

Finally, learn about other sources both online and offline where you can find information about probate records.