Early Vermont Settlers to 1784: 30 new sketches!

Image Credit: TrunkJunk (author) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

This week we’ve released 30 new sketches to Early Vermont Settlers to 1784.  This database focuses on families that lived in Vermont prior to the end of the Revolutionary War, as identified in Donald Alan Smith’s thesis “Legacy of Dissent: Religion and Politics in Revolutionary Vermont 1749 to 1784” (Clark U., Ph.D., 1980).

Explore the new sketches, listed below:

Isaac Baldwin (Strafford)

Aaron Bartlett (Windsor)

Asaph Butler (Windsor, Weathersfield, Waterbury)

William Chamberlain (Strafford)

Israel Curtis (Windsor)

Ebenezer Davis (Windsor)

William Dean (Windsor)

William Dean Jr. (Windsor)

Ebenezer Dike (Springfield, Hartland, Woodstock)

Solomon Emmons (Windsor)

Jacob Hastings (Windsor)

Elisha Hawley (Windsor)

William Heywood (Springfield)

Jonathan Holden (Windsor)

Ebenezer Howard (Windsor)

Enoch Judd (Windsor)

Joseph King (Windsor)

Elisha Lully (Windsor)

Barzillai Markham (Andover)

Simeon Mills (Windsor)

Andrew Norton (Windsor)

Isabella Patrick (Windsor)

Joseph Patterson (Windsor)

Aaron Pennock (Strafford)

James Powers Jr. (Windsor)

Samuel Sears (Windsor)

Elnathan Strong (Windsor)

Hezekiah Thompson (Windsor)

Benjamin Wait (Windsor)

Joseph Wait (Windsor)