St. Mary (Charlestown) Browsable Catholic Records

We have a new addition to Massachusetts: Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston Records, 1789-1900: the records from St. Mary in Charlestown.  St. Mary’s was the first parish established as a separate parish from the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, in 1828.   The Boston Public Library has a Charlestown Flickr page with images of St. Mary’s interior, repairs to the roof, and a fire that happened in the building–scroll about three quarters of the way down the page to view these images.

This addition consists of 10 new volumes:

St. Mary (Charlestown) Baptisms 1829-1855

St. Mary (Charlestown) Baptisms 1856-1868

St. Mary (Charlestown) Baptisms 1869-1887

St. Mary (Charlestown) Baptisms 1887-1894

St. Mary (Charlestown) Baptisms 1894-1897

St. Mary (Charlestown) Baptisms 1897-1900

St. Mary (Charlestown) Deaths and Burials 1823-1831

St. Mary (Charlestown) Deaths and Burials 1830-1836

St. Mary (Charlestown) Marriages 1830-1868

St. Mary (Charlestown) Marriages 1869-1900