New Catholic Records from Allston and Dorchester

1896 Map of Boston by [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

We’ve added 2 new parishes to Massachusetts: (Image Only) Archdiocese of Boston Records, 1789-1900: St. Anthony of Padua in Allston, and St. Margaret in Dorchester.  Both of these parishes grew out of existing parishes as the Catholic population in Boston grew in the late 1800s.  St. Margaret branched off from St. Peter’s in Dorchester.  The plans for constructing this church were officially embarked upon on June 10, 1893, the feast of St. Margaret.  St. Anthony’s grew from St. Columbkille in Brighton.  The cornerstone was laid in 1894.  James S. Sullivan’s One Hundred Years of Progress, written in 1895 to celebrate the centennial of the Archdiocese, describes in detail the construction of the church which was still in progress, explaining the future location of the altar (to be made of stone and marble) and the choir loft.

A note on St. Margaret (Dorchester) Baptisms and Marriages, 1893-1900:  This volume consists of two books which began separately and were later bound together.  Usually at the front of a volume in this collection, we have an “Index” page which should give you an idea of how best to browse through the book.  This volume has two different indexes, one for the marriages, and one for the baptisms.  I’ve created Index_1 which explains how to browse the marriages, and Index_2 which explains how to browse the baptisms.  Pages are numbered as B_1 or M_1 to allow for the fact that there are two pages called one, for example, in this volume.

This update consists of the following volumes:

St. Anthony of Padua (Allston) Baptisms, 1986-1900

St. Anthony of Padua (Allston) Marriages, 1896-1900

St. Margaret (Dorchester) Baptisms, 1893-1899

St. Margaret (Dorchester) Baptisms and Marriages, 1893-1900

St. Margaret (Dorchester) Confirmations, 1894-1900