New Browsable Catholic Records from Marlborough and Stoneham

Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

We’ve added 21 new volumes to Massachusetts: (Image Only) Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston Records, 1789-1900, from St. Mary (Marlborough) and St. Patrick (Stoneham).  St. Mary’s was the church attended by the French Canadian Catholics in Marlborough.  St. Patrick’s was established in 1868 to minister to Catholics living north of Boston.  The new volumes are listed below:

St. Mary (Marlborough) Baptisms, 1854-1861

St. Mary (Marlborough) Baptisms, 1862-1865

St. Mary (Marlborough) Baptisms, 1865-1866

St. Mary (Marlborough) Baptisms, 1866-1868

St. Mary (Marlborough) Baptisms, 1868-1869

St. Mary (Marlborough) Baptisms, 1870-1880

St. Mary (Marlborough) Baptisms, 1881-1890

St. Mary (Marlborough) Baptisms, 1890-1896

St. Mary (Marlborough) Baptisms, 1896-1900

St. Mary (Marlborough) Confirmations and Deaths, 1871-1880

St. Mary (Marlborough) Confirmations, 1871-1890

St. Mary (Marlborough) Confirmations, 1890-1900

St. Mary (Marlborough) Deaths, 1882-1884

St. Mary (Marlborough) Deaths, 1884-1886

St. Mary (Marlborough) Deaths, 1886-1888

St. Mary (Marlborough) Deaths, 1888-1893

St. Mary (Marlborough) Deaths,1898-1900

St. Mary (Marlborough) Marriages, 1858-1869

St. Mary (Marlborough) Marriages, 1870-1892

St. Mary (Marlborough) Marriages, 1894-1895


St. Patrick (Stoneham) Baptisms, 1868-1900