37 new sketches in Early Vermont Settlers, 1700-1884

By John Phelan [CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)], from Wikimedia Commons

We’ve added thirty seven new sketches to Early Vermont Settlers, 1700-1884, and updated two existing sketches.  This database focuses on families that lived in Vermont prior to the end of the Revolutionary War, as identified in Donald Alan Smith’s thesis “Legacy of Dissent: Religion and Politics in Revolutionary Vermont 1749 to 1784” (Clark U., Ph.D., 1980).  As Scott Andrew Bartley undertakes this enormous project, he has been focusing on Windsor County.  Most of the heads of families added in this update came from Hartland, VT, with a few from Springfield.  The new sketches are listed below:

Christopher Billings (Hartland)

Ebenezer Call (Hartland, Woodstock)

Joseph Call (Hartland, Woodstock)

Nathan Call (Hartland)

Experience Davis (Hartland)

Elisha Harding (Hartland, Brattleboro)

Nathan Harvey (Hartland)

James Harwood (Hartland, Woodstock)

Charles Killam (Hartland, Woodstock)

John Layton (Hartland)

Zebulon Lee (Hartland)

Benjamin Lull (Hartland)

John Lull (Hartland)

Timothy Lull (Hartland)

John Martin (Hartland)

Joel Matthews (Hartland)

Andrew Powers (Hartland, Woodstock)

Thomas Parke Rood (Hartland)

Matthias Rust (Hartland)

James Sanderson (Hartland, Woodstock, Hartford)

William Sanderson (Hartland)

Nathan Smith (Hartland)

Daniel Spooner (Hartland)

Paul Spooner (Hartland)

Moses Squire (Hartland)

William Symmes (Hartland)

Asa Taylor (Hartland)

Samuel Taylor (Hartland)

Samuel Weston (Hartland)

Oliver Willard (Hartland)

Oliver Willard, Jr. (Hartland)

Amasa Wright (Hartland)

Jonathan Wright (Hartland)

Zadock Wright (Hartland)

James Call (Springfield)

Oliver Farnsworth (Springfield, Fairfax)

John Spafford (Springfield)


Revised Sketches

Ebenezer Hardy (Cavendish)

David Hutchinson (Chester)