St. Mary (Lawrence) Now Browsable

Title page to St. Mary (Lawrence) Index to Baptisms 1848-1887

We’ve added St. Mary (Lawrence) to Massachusetts: (Image-Only) Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston Records, 1789-1900.  This update adds twelve volumes and over 3,200 new pages to browse.  If you have questions about how to browse this collection, be sure to watch our explanatory video.  This parish is now available thanks to the help of our wonderful scanners including Jeff Erickson, Angela Napolitano, Ross and Linda Weaver, Eileen McCarthy, and John Phlo.  The new volumes are listed below:

St. Mary (Lawrence) Index to Baptisms, 1848-1887
St. Mary (Lawrence) Baptisms, 1848-1852 and Confirmations, 1850 (Vol. 1)
St. Mary (Lawrence) Baptisms, 1853-1861 (Vol. 2)
St. Mary (Lawrence) Baptisms, 1861-1866 (Vol. 3)
St. Mary (Lawrence) Baptisms, 1866-1892 (Vol. 4)
St. Mary (Lawrence) Baptisms, 1892-1900
St. Mary (Lawrence) Baptisms, 1900
St. Mary (Lawrence) Confirmations, 1860-1900
St. Mary (Lawrence) Confirmations, Undated
St. Mary (Lawrence) Marriages, 1849-1860
St. Mary (Lawrence) Marriages, 1861-1884
St. Mary (Lawrence) Marriages, 1884-1900