New Early Vermont Settlers sketches from Pomfret and Woodstock

By Haas, David W., creator [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Today we’re announcing 26 new sketches in Early Vermont Settlers, 1700-1784.  These sketches, written by Scott Andrew Bartley focus on Pomfret and Woodstock, Vermont.

The new sketches are listed below:

Allen, David (Pomfret)
Bosworth, John (Pomfret)
Burtch, Jacob (Pomfret)
Child, Abijah (Pomfret)
Dana, Isaac (Pomfret)
Dana, William (Pomfret)
Hodges, George (Pomfret)
Knox, Timothy (Pomfret, Woodstock)
Lyon, Amasa (Pomfret)
Lyon, Nathaniel (Pomfret)
Lyon, William (Pomfret)
Mason, Elias (Pomfret)
Morse, Jedidiah (Pomfret)
Newcomb, William (Pomfret)
Paine, Noah (Pomfret)
Paine, Samuel (Pomfret, Randolph)
Powers, Abraham (Woodstock)
Powers, James (Woodstock)
Powers, William (Woodstock)
Sanderson, John (Woodstock)
Sessions, Darius (Pomfret)
Sessions, Simeon (Pomfret)
Slapp, John (Pomfret)
Smith, Abida (Pomfret)
Whitcomb, Mr. (Pomfret)
Wilson, William (Pomfret)

We also updated six existing sketches:

Chedel, John (Pomfret)
Cheney, Oliver (Pomfret, Weathersfield)
Dana, John W. (Pomfret)
Deming, Penuel (Pomfret)
Durkee, Bartholomew (Pomfret, Sheldon)
Farnsworth, Oliver (Woodstock)
Waldo, Daniel (Pomfret)

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