New browsable Archdiocese of Boston records from Cambridge, Dorchester, and Medford

Map of Cambridge in the 1800s. St. Peter’s Church is marked on Concord Ave (the dark spot labelled with a 5). (via Wikimedia Commons)

Today we’ve added three new parishes to Massachusetts: (Image Only) Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston Records, 1789-1900: St. Peter (Cambridge), St. Gregory (Dorchester), and St. Joseph (Medford).  This update adds 19 volumes and over 3,600 images.  We would like to thank the following scanners for their help making this parish available: Tom Dreyer, Ross and Linda Weaver, Angela Napolitano, Jeff Erickson, Frederique Van Moortel, Francis Alix, Andrea Whalen, Alice Fristrom, and John Phlo.  The new volumes are listed below:

St. Gregory (Dorchester) Baptisms, 1859-1871
St. Gregory (Dorchester) Baptisms, 1872-1875
St. Gregory (Dorchester) Baptisms, 1876-1895
St. Gregory (Dorchester) Baptisms, 1896-1900
St. Gregory (Dorchester) Confirmations, 1866-1900
St. Gregory (Dorchester) Marriages, 1863-1875
St. Gregory (Dorchester) Marriages, 1876-1900

St. Joseph (Medford) Baptisms, 1883-1900
St. Joseph (Medford) Marriages, 1883-1900

St. Peter (Cambridge) Baptisms, 1842-1862
St. Peter (Cambridge) Baptisms, 1862-1869
St. Peter (Cambridge) Baptisms, 1869-1871
St. Peter (Cambridge) Baptisms, 1872-1877
St. Peter (Cambridge) Baptisms, 1877-1890
St. Peter (Cambridge) Baptisms, 1890-1900
St. Peter (Cambridge) Marriages, 1850-1866
St. Peter (Cambridge) Marriages, 1866-1871
St. Peter (Cambridge) Marriages, 1872-1892
St. Peter (Cambridge) Marriages, 1893-1900