St. Patrick (Lowell) now Searchable

Pawtucket Falls in Lowell in 1896 By T.H. Lawler [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons contrasted with Pawtucket Falls in 2012 By Emw [GFDL (CC BY-SA 3.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

Today we’ve added six new volumes to Massachusetts: Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston Records, 1789-1900 from St. Patrick in Lowell.  St. Patrick was Lowell’s earliest parish, and contains many records of the town’s Catholic inhabitants.  Many of the records found in these volumes were not recorded in Massachusetts’ civil records, making them an important source of information for researchers; be sure to read Sam Sturgis’s Vita Brevis post on the topic, The only existing record.  This update adds 50,405 new records and 200,389 new names.  We want to extensively thank the following volunteers who puzzled over the messy handwriting to make this parish searchable: Paula Hines, Marion Vermazen, Mary Coyne, Paul McCool, Jeananne Piper Grady, Angela Napolitano, Eileen McCarthy, Alison Fulmer, Maureen McCarthy, Mary Alice Yost, Diane Rogers, Sally MacGowan, Sandy Murphy Mauer, Marnie Goodbody, Jim Alcauskas, Maureen Keillor, Meredith Madyda, Rhonda Wilson, Margo Blank, Carolyn Jack, and Patty Ryburn.  The new volumes are listed below:

St. Patrick (Lowell) Baptisms 1836-1861
St. Patrick (Lowell) Baptisms 1847-1861
St. Patrick (Lowell) Baptisms 1861-1878
St. Patrick (Lowell) Baptisms 1878-1900
St. Patrick (Lowell) Marriages 1836-1872
St. Patrick (Lowell) Marriages 1872-1900

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