New browsable Catholic records from Roxbury, Abington, and Lowell

St. Michael’s Church in Lowell from James Sullivan’s One Hundred Years of Progress, p.316

Today we’re announcing nine new volumes in Massachusetts: (Image-Only) Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston Records, 1789-1900 from All Saints (Roxbury), St. Bridget (Abington), and St. Michael (Lowell).  This update adds over 1,300 new pages to browse.  We’d like to thank the following volunteers for their help making this update possible: Francis Alix, Ross and Linda Weaver, Jeff Erickson, Angela Napolitano, Alayna Travaglione, and Kiera Breitenbach. Be sure to watch our how-to video for tips on how to navigate this collection.  The new volumes are listed below.

All Saints (Roxbury) Baptisms, 1896-1900
All Saints (Roxbury) Marriages, 1896-1900

St. Bridget (Abington) Baptisms, 1864-1900
St. Bridget (Abington) Confirmations and Financial Records, 1857-1883
St. Bridget (Abington) Confirmations, 1870-1900
St. Bridget (Abington) Marriages, 1864-1900

St. Michael (Lowell) Baptisms, 1884-1900
St. Michael (Lowell) Confirmations, 1884-1900
St. Michael (Lowell) Marriages, 1884-1900