Archdiocese of Boston: St. Mary (Lawrence) now searchable

Madonna of Humility, Fra Angelico c. 1430

Today we’ve added 12 new volumes to Massachusetts: Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston Records, 1789-1900 from St. Mary (Lawrence).  This update adds 246,365 names and 70,139 records to search.  St. Mary was the second Catholic church in Lawrence, coalescing in the year 1848.  This church ultimately formed the backbone of Lawrence’s burgeoning Catholic community, splitting into many more parishes.

We’d like to thank so many volunteers for their help with this parish, including Sam Sturgis, Matthew Murphy, Stacey-Rae McCue, Elizabeth Handler, Arlys LeFehr, Kathleen Oberley, Bob Rainville, Pat Snyder, Pat Harney, Elise Weir, Loretta Brown-Aldrich, Erin Nantais, Sarah Collins, Nancy Johnson, Margaret Parker, Toni Lattimer, Judy Welna, Amelia Devin Freedman, Gig Moineau, Barbara Macken, Mary Alice Yost, Conall O’Cathain, Rick Lagueux, Eldon Gay, Meghan McDonagh, Sara Stinson, Carolyn Jack, Maureen McCarthy, Susie Souza, Jane Papa, Sage Suorsa, and Ethan Pike for their work on this parish.

The new volumes are listed below:

St. Mary (Lawrence) Baptisms and Confirmations, 1848-1852
St. Mary (Lawrence) Baptisms, 1853-1861
St. Mary (Lawrence) Baptisms, 1861-1866
St. Mary (Lawrence) Baptisms, 1866-1892
St. Mary (Lawrence) Baptisms, 1892-1900
St. Mary (Lawrence) Baptisms, 1900
St. Mary (Lawrence) Confirmations, (undated)
St. Mary (Lawrence) Confirmations, 1860-1900
St. Mary (Lawrence) Index to Baptisms, 1848-1887
St. Mary (Lawrence) Marriages, 1849-1860
St. Mary (Lawrence) Marriages, 1861-1884
St. Mary (Lawrence) Marriages, 1884-1900

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