New Database: GU272 Descendants, 1785-2000

GU272 Memory Project

We are extremely happy to announce a new database today; GU272 Descendants, 1785-2000. This database provides the indexed genealogies of the descendants of the 272 Slaves sold by Georgetown University (The GU272) in 1838, and was produced in a partnership with the Georgetown Memory Project. The article published in American Ancestors Magazine provides more information about these enslaved people and this project.

This database is organized into volumes. Each volume is based on a Register-style report on the descendants of the original families. The volume name includes the name of head of the family followed by the group number in parenthesis. For example: “Campbell, Adaline (Group 34)” contains the report of the descendants of Adaline Campbell, who is the 34th family. The final volume, titled Source Documents, contains indexed images of birth, marriage, and death certificates for people who are documented in the Register reports in the earlier other volumes.

The GU272 Descendants database contains 50 volumes with nearly 1,000 images and over 10,000 records and 32,000 searchable names. The database is indexed with name, date, location, record type, and family members where available. This database will also create hints for American AncesTREES.

Please note: This database is available to all NEHGS members, including guest members. Membership options