Archdiocese of Boston: 9 new volumes from Sacred Heart (Boston)

Sacred Heart, Boston from The Catholic churches of Boston and its vicinity… by William Augustine Leahy, 1892

Today we’ve added nine new volumes to Massachusetts: Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston Records, 1789-1900 from Sacred Heart in Boston. This update adds over 19,000 records and over 155,000 names to search.

Sacred Heart was Boston’s second Italian parish, established in the North End from St. Leonard of Port Maurice in about 1889. In 1890, the church building (which had formerly been a Protestant meeting house) was dedicated. From its establishment, the parish continued to grow and grow, serving mostly Northern Italian immigrants and their subsequent American families.

We’d like to thank volunteers Mary Coyne, Alison Fulmer, Debbie Lansing, Erin Lichtenstein, Angela Napolitano, Kate Porter, Diane Rogers, and Willis Whittlesey for their help making this parish available on our site. We’d especially like to thank volunteers Jane Papa and Mirca Sghedoni for their extra help with this parish. The new volumes are listed below:

Sacred Heart (Boston) Baptisms, 1888-1891
Sacred Heart (Boston) Baptisms, 1891-1893
Sacred Heart (Boston) Baptisms, 1893-1895
Sacred Heart (Boston) Baptisms, 1895-1897
Sacred Heart (Boston) Baptisms, 1897-1898
Sacred Heart (Boston) Baptisms, 1898-1900 (Part 1)
Sacred Heart (Boston) Baptisms, 1898-1900 (Part 2)
Sacred Heart (Boston) Marriages, 1889-1899
Sacred Heart (Boston) Marriages, 1899-1900

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