New sketches: Early New England Families, 1641-1700

Medal from the 1800s memorializing Tristram Coffin, an influential early settler of Nantucket

Today we’ve updated Early New England Families, 1641-1700, adding three new sketches.

The new sketches include:

Alexander Adams (m. 1644)
Joan (Kember) Coffin (m. 1609)
Tristram Coffin (m. 1627)

Joan (Kember) Coffin was Tristram Coffin’s mother. Alexander Adams was one of her sons-in-law, married to her daughter Mary. Alexander’s life in New England was focused around Boston. The Coffins came from Brixton in Devon County, England, and lived in Salisbury, Haverhill, Newbury, and Nantucket upon arrival in New England.

Early New England Families, 1641-1700 is written by Alicia Crane Williams. This study project highlights heads of families mentioned in Torrey’s New England Marriages to 1700. To learn more about this project, you may be interested one of Alicia Crane Williams’ recent Vita Brevis posts on the subject.

We’d like to thank Sam Sturgis for his help adding these sketches to our database.

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