Archdiocese of Boston: new browsable records from Holy Cross (Boston) and Our Lady of the Presentation (Brighton)

Cathedral of the Holy Cross, from the Archive, Archdiocese of Boston

Today we’ve added fifteen new volumes to Massachusetts: (Image-Only) Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston Records, 1789-1920 from Holy Cross in Boston and Our Lady of the Presentation in Brighton. We’ve also updated five volumes from Holy Cross in Boston. This update adds over 2,200 new pages to browse.

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The Church of the Holy Cross was established in Boston in 1788; as the Catholic population grew in the city, it become the Cathedral. In 1800, the first Cathedral was built on Franklin Street in the South End. By 1866, a new, larger building was needed, so construction began on the current church on Washington Street. Since, the Cathedral has continued to be a center of Catholicism in New England.

Our Lady of the Presentation was established in 1909 in the Oak Square neighborhood of Brighton. Construction on a church building began in 1913 and the church was dedicated in 1921.

We’d like to thank volunteers Kim Bonner, Eileen McCarthy, Katie McCarver, Angela Napolitano, Ross Weaver and Bill Wolfendale for their help making this update possible.

If you need help navigating this collection, please consult our how-to video.  The new volumes are listed below:

Holy Cross (Boston) Baptisms V.16, 1908-1910
Holy Cross (Boston) Baptisms V.17, 1910-1920
Holy Cross (Boston) Baptisms, 1920
Holy Cross (Boston) Confirmations, 1907-1916
Holy Cross (Boston) Confirmations, 1917-1920
Holy Cross (Boston) Convert Confirmations, 1916-1920
Holy Cross (Boston) Convert Confirmations, 1920
Holy Cross (Boston) Index to Baptisms, 1911-1915
Holy Cross (Boston) Marriages, 1906-1908
Holy Cross (Boston) Marriages, 1908-1911
Holy Cross (Boston) Marriages, 1911-1917
Holy Cross (Boston) Marriages, 1918-1920

Our Lady of the Presentation (Brighton) Baptisms, 1909-1920
Our Lady of the Presentation (Brighton) Confirmations, 1915-1920
Our Lady of the Presentation (Brighton) Marriages, 1910-1920

The following volumes have been updated. Previously they were truncated to only display records from before January 1, 1901. Now they are presented on our site in their complete form:

Holy Cross (Boston) Baptisms V.15, 1900-1908
Holy Cross (Boston) Marriages V.11, 1897-1905
Holy Cross (Boston) Confirmations, 1895-1906
Holy Cross (Boston) Index to Baptisms, 1852-1910
Holy Cross (Boston) Index to Marriages, 1850-1905

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