Archdiocese of Boston: new searchable records from Boston & Brighton

St. Mary’s Church from The Catholic churches of Boston and its vicinity… by William Augustine Leahy, 1892

Today we’ve added seven new volumes and updated six volumes in Massachusetts: Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston Records, 1789-1920 from St. Columbkille in Brighton and St. Mary in Boston. This update adds over 19,800 records and over 58,600 names to search.

St. Columbkille is named after St. Columba, an Irish saint who helped bring Catholicism to Scotland.  His name can take a few forms also including Colmcille. St. Columbkille (Brighton) became its own parish after splitting off from St. Mary of the Assumption in Brookline.

Saint Mary’s in Boston’s North End was one of two churches built in Boston less than ten years after the original cathedral was enlarged. The first Mass was celebrated on Christmas Day of 1835, and the congregation continued to grow.

We’d like to thank Sam Sturgis for his help making this parish available online.

The new and updated volumes are listed below. Volumes with an asterisk have been updated. Previously they were truncated to only display records from before January 1, 1901. Now they are presented on our site in their complete form or presenting records up to December 31, 1920:

St. Columbkille (Brighton) Baptisms, 1901-1914
St. Columbkille (Brighton) Baptisms, 1914-1919
St. Columbkille (Brighton) Baptisms, 1919-1920
St. Columbkille (Brighton) Confirmations, 1897-1920*
St. Columbkille (Brighton) Marriages, 1857-1907*
St. Columbkille (Brighton) Marriages, 1907-1920

St. Mary (Boston) Baptisms, 1893-1908*
St. Mary (Boston) Baptisms, 1908-1920
St. Mary (Boston) First Communions and Confirmations, 1866-1901*
St. Mary (Boston) First Communions and Confirmations, 1884-1915*
St. Mary (Boston) First Communions and Confirmations, 1902-1920
St. Mary (Boston) Confirmations, 1911-1919
St. Mary (Boston) Marriages, 1894-1920*

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