Updated Database: Society of Colonial Wars in Massachusetts Membership Applications, 1560-1970

Application documenting the lineage of William Klapp Williams who was descended from William Plumstead.

We are very happy to announce an addition to the Society of Colonial Wars in Massachusetts Membership Applications, 1560-1970 database today. This update completes the applications, with 470 new applications to the Society of Colonial Wars in Massachusetts (CSWMA) for years up through 1970, and contains over 2,000 pages and 65,000 indexed names.

Since its founding in 1893, the SCWMA has combined fraternal good fellowship with a dedication to promoting patriotic values and a knowledge of colonial American history, particularly its military dimension. For more information about this society you can see the SCWMA web page.

In the future this database will include Supplemental Applications up through 1970.

We are grateful for the efforts of our volunteer who made this update possible: Jeanne Brown, Sandy Caldwell, Carol Farrington, and Amelia Devin Freedman. If you have a few hours available hours a week, and are interested in learning more about this or other exciting projects, please contact Rachel Adams, Database Services Volunteer Coordinator via email at rachel.adams@nehgs.org.

This database provides an index to the applications to the SCWMA that includes, the applicant, their colonial ancestor, and the indexed birth, marriage and death information for each generation of descendants on the application. In addition, the membership numbers for the state and the general society are displayed. For the lineage section of the application the generation numbers are included; where generation 1 is the applicant.

The page number for the applications are in the format [member number]:[page]. So, for member 23, the first page is 23:1. The value of the Note field, which is presented on the Record and Transcript pages, indicates how many pages there are for that specific application. Most applications have 4 pages.

Please note: This database is available to all NEHGS members. Membership options.