Archdiocese of Boston: new searchable records from Boston, Beverly and Brookline

Postcard of Beverly Harbor (Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)

Today we’ve added 22 new volumes and updated four volumes in Massachusetts: Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston Records, 1789-1920 from Most Precious Blood (Hyde Park), Sacred Heart (Boston), St. Aidan (Brookline), St. Margaret of Scotland (Beverly) and St. Mary of the Assumption (Brookline). This update adds over 54,600 records and over 207,100 names to search.

Usually we add all the records of a single parish at once. Most parishes contain less than 10 volumes for the 20 year time period we’re currently working on (1901-1920). However, Sacred Heart in Boston’s North End consists of 37 volumes. So in this special case, I will upload this parish in pieces over the next few weeks. This week I’ve updated 1 volume and added 9 new volumes. They are all listed below. I will work to be as clear as possible in each Database News post so that interested researchers know what is available in each update. This current update includes baptisms from 1901-1910 (but the year 1910 is not yet complete–baptisms from this year continue in two more forthcoming volumes).

We’d like to thank Sam Sturgis for his work on the Brookline and Beverly parishes.

The new volumes are listed below. Volumes with an asterisk have been updated. Previously they were truncated to only display records from before January 1, 1901. Now they are presented on our site either in their complete form or with the records up to December 31, 1920:

Most Precious Blood (Hyde Park) Baptisms, 1896-1901*
Most Precious Blood (Hyde Park) Baptisms, 1901-1906
Most Precious Blood (Hyde Park) Baptisms, 1906-1910
Most Precious Blood (Hyde Park) Baptisms, 1910-1916
Most Precious Blood (Hyde Park) Baptisms, 1916-1920
Most Precious Blood (Hyde Park) Confirmations,1880-1920*
Most Precious Blood (Hyde Park) Marriages, 1889-1915*
Most Precious Blood (Hyde Park) Marriages, 1915-1920

Sacred Heart (Boston) Baptisms, 1898-1901 (Part 2)*
Sacred Heart (Boston) Baptisms, 1901-1903 (Part 1)
Sacred Heart (Boston) Baptisms, 1901-1903 (Part 2)
Sacred Heart (Boston) Baptisms, 1903-1904 (Part 1)
Sacred Heart (Boston) Baptisms, 1903-1904 (Part 2)
Sacred Heart (Boston) Baptisms, 1904-1905
Sacred Heart (Boston) Baptisms, 1906-1907
Sacred Heart (Boston) Baptisms, 1907-1908
Sacred Heart (Boston) Baptisms, 1908-1909
Sacred Heart (Boston) Baptisms, 1909-1910

St. Aidan (Brookline) Baptisms, 1911-1920
St. Aidan (Brookline) Marriages, 1911-1920

St. Margaret of Scotland (Beverly) Baptisms, 1905-1920
St. Margaret of Scotland (Beverly) Confirmations, 1908-1920
St. Margaret of Scotland (Beverly) Marriages, 1905-1920

St. Mary of the Assumption (Brookline) Baptisms, 1900-1913
St. Mary of the Assumption (Brookline) Baptisms, 1913-1919
St. Mary of the Assumption (Brookline) Marriages, 1897-1920

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