New Database: The Narragansett Historical Register

Magazine page
Title Page for the first issue of the The Narragansett Historical Register in July 1882. Public Domain

We are very excited to announce a new database: The Narragansett Historical Register. The Narragansett Historical Register was published from 1882 to 1891, and described itself as “A magazine devoted to the Antiquities, Genealogy and Historical Matter illustrating the history of the Narragansett Country, or Southern Rhode Island. The stated aim of this magazine was “to collect into one publication the History of the Narragansett Country or Southern Rhode Island.” The editor, James N. Arnold, (1844 – 1927) was a collector and publisher of genealogical and historical records of the state of Rhode Island. He is most famous for the publication of the 21-volume set entitled The Vital Record of Rhode Island (1636-1850), which is also a database on American Ancestors.

This database is organized into 9 volumes with one for each year of publication. There are over 3,300 pages, and 5,500 records and names. All records have the date of the year of publication.

The entire run of The Narragansett Historical Register is also available at our NEHGS Boston research library, call number F87.N2 N36 1882.

We are grateful to the many dedicated volunteers who indexed all the names for this project, including: Val Abrahamsen, Loretta Aldrich , Wilmine Bernavil , Carol Botteron, Jeanne Brown , Karen Buchinger, Peg Camp, Fran Danico , Suzie Donah , Phyllis Doucette, Ruth Green , Elizabeth Handler, Jane Himmel , Pamela Hugie, Nancy Johnson , Bill Kerrigan , Joan Koesterherm , Maryanne Legrow, Jan Lundquist, Nina Manno, Linda Mathew, Donna McClure, Bruce McKeeman , Susan Morath, Therese Mosorjack , Patty Ryburn , Kay Sencabaugh , Renda Smith , Gale Stevenson , Linda Weaver, Jaimie Williams-Peterson, Gail Wine, Mara Witzling, Elaine Wood, and Rich Wood. If you would like to become part of the team working on rewarding genealogical projects, please contact Rachel Adams, Database Services Volunteer Coordinator via email at

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