Massachusetts: Catholic Cemetery Association Records, 1833-1940: new cemeteries

Holy Cross Cemetery in Malden, photo by Claire Vail Photography

Earlier this year we announced a new database of Catholic cemetery records: Massachusetts: Catholic Cemetery Association Records, 1833-1940. Today we’re adding 3 new cemeteries to this database: Immaculate Conception (Marlborough), St. Francis de Sales (Charlestown) and St. Joseph (Lynn). We’re also adding seven new volumes from Holy Cross in Malden, completing the records for this large cemetery.

This update adds 21 new volumes, 96,400 searchable records.

When complete, this database will feature 20 cemeteries administered by the CCA in eastern Massachusetts. 16 cemeteries are available to search now; 4 more will be added by the end of the year.

Most cemeteries are being added all at once. Holy Cross in Malden is the only cemetery that was added to this database in parts, as new volumes became available. All record volumes for this cemetery are now available online as of this most recent update. There is no book labelled “Book 3” for the Lot Sales and Burials. However, presumably little or no information is missing since Book 2 ends in 1875 and Book 4 begins in 1875. The new volumes from Holy Cross included in this update are listed below:

-Holy Cross (Malden) Loose Pages
-Holy Cross (Malden) Lot Purchases and Burials, 1930-1931
-Holy Cross (Malden) Lot Sales and Burials, 1875-1881 (Book 4)
-Holy Cross (Malden) Lot Sales and Burials, 1881-1886 (Book 5)
-Holy Cross (Malden) Lot Sales and Burials, 1939-1940 (Book 17)
-Holy Cross (Malden) Lot Sales Stub Book, 1864-1874

The records in this database are primarily lot sales and interments, and may include information about lot owners, date of burial and location of burial. Some of the people represented in these written records may not have purchased a grave marker or their marker may have eroded with time, making this collection essential for research into Catholic burials in this region.

In addition to the searchable database, maps of each cemetery are being made available to help locate burial plots. Where possible, maps include sections, ranges and in some cases narrative description of how headstones are arranged by row and lot number. Also included are points of interest such as entrances, exits, flag poles, monuments, offices and spigots. Special sections for the burials of infants, priests and religious are also noted.  Links to the cemetery maps can be found in the Database Description. Watch our how-to video for instructions on navigating to the database and using the cemetery maps. Not all cemetery maps are currently available; we anticipate that they will be online by the end of the year.

We’d like to thank the following volunteers for their work on these volumes of this database: Becki Clarke, Bill Morse, Bob Rainville, Carolyn Jack , Daria O’Connor, David Fredette, Eldon Gay, Elizabeth Handler, Fran Danico, Gail Wine, Jaimie Williams-Peterson, Jan Lundquist, Janet Essency, Joan Koesterherm, John Hagerty, Joyce McKenna, Karen Jarret, Katherine Marshall-Mayer, Kathy Oberley, Linda Martin-Berke, Linda Mathew, Lisa Butler, Melaine Nelson, Nancy Johnson, Nina Manno, Pam Hugie, Patricia Dalpiaz, Peg Camp,Peggy Burchenal, Regina Mullen, Renda Smith, Rick Lagueux, Robyn Choate, Ross Weaver, Sage Suorsa, Susan Van Allen, Therese Mosorjak, Tom Clements, Toni Lattimer, and Virginia Vaught.

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