Early New England Families, 1641-1700: 1 new sketch

Plan of the town of Newton in 1700

Today we’ve updated Early New England Families, 1641-1700adding one new sketch. This new sketch features John Fuller and his wife Elizabeth Cole. The Fullers lived in the area of Cambridge, MA which eventually became the town of Newton. The couple had eight children.

The Early New England Families, 1641-1700 study project is led by Alicia Crane Williams. This project highlights heads of families mentioned in Torrey’s New England Marriages to 1700, focusing on individuals who immigrated from 1641 through 1700, grouped by year of marriage.

Interested researchers should also read Alicia’s recent Vita Brevis post “Problems of Age” discussing her research process for this sketch.

The town of Newton presents a very helpful map, the Town Plan from 1700 that clearly shows property owned by John Fuller. I’ve used the image to illustrate this post, but I wanted to link to the higher quality version to make it easier to read and use.

The Norman B. Leventhal Map Center has a Plan of the ancient burial place Newton which also includes the Fuller family name.

We’d like to thank Sam Sturgis for his help adding this sketch to our database.

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