Archdiocese of Boston: New browsable records from Arlington, Braintree, Malden, Medford and Quincy

Statue depicting St. Francis of Assisi, located in the courtyard of the Old North Church in Boston, Massachusetts (Public domain via Wikimedia Commons).

Today we’ve added 21 new volumes to Massachusetts: (Image-Only) Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston Records, 1789-1920 from St. Agnes (Arlington), St. Francis of Assisi (Braintree), St. Joseph (Malden), St. James (Medford), St. Raphael (Medford), and Sacred Heart (Quincy), This update adds over 2,100 new pages to browse.

We’d like to thank Sam Sturgis for his help making these parishes available online.

If you need help navigating the image-only collection, please consult our most recent webinar, Archdiocese of Boston Catholic Records Project: We’re Expanding! 

The new volumes are listed below:

Sacred Heart (Quincy) Baptisms, 1903-1920

Sacred Heart (Quincy) Baptisms, 1920

Sacred Heart (Quincy) Confirmations, 1918-1920

Sacred Heart (Quincy) Marriages, 1903-1920

St. Agnes (Arlington) Baptisms, 1912-1920

St. Agnes (Arlington) Confirmations, 1877-1920

St. Agnes (Arlington) First Communions, 1897-1920

St. Francis of Assisi (Braintree) Baptisms, 1903-1919

St. Francis of Assisi (Braintree) Baptisms, 1919-1920

St. Francis of Assisi (Braintree) Confirmations, 1908-1920

St. Francis of Assisi (Braintree) Marriages, 1903-1920

St. James (Medford) Baptisms, 1919-1920

St. James (Medford) Marriages, 1920

St. Joseph (Malden) Baptisms, 1915-1920

St. Joseph (Malden) Confirmations, 1903-1920

St. Joseph (Malden) First Communions, 1917-1920

St. Joseph (Malden) Marriages, 1902-1920

St. Joseph (Medford) Confirmations, 1899-1920

St. Raphael (Medford) Baptisms, 1905-1920

St. Raphael (Medford) Confirmations, 1906-1920

St. Raphael (Medford) Marriages, 1905-1920

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