The Genealogist: Volumes 11-15 now available

Publication cover of The Genealogist, showing Volume 15 (2001), featured in the current update.

We’re excited to announce the release of Volume 11 (1997), Volume 12 (1998), Volume 13 (1999), Volume 14 (2000) and Volume 15 (2001) of The Genealogist, in partnership with the American Society of Genealogists. This update adds more than 19,200 records to search in the database.

The American Society of Genealogists, founded in 1940, is an independent honorary society of the leading published scholars in the field of American genealogy. Since its inception, the ASG has served the discipline of genealogy by embodying and promoting the highest standards of genealogical scholarship. Foremost among the ASG’s ongoing activities is publication of The Genealogist, one of the leading American journals of scholarly genealogy. For more information about the American Society of Genealogists, please visit their website.

In agreement with the American Society of Genealogists, will eventually host Volumes 1-30 of The Genealogist backlog issues — New volumes and updates will be announced regularly. We are also delighted to announce that this database is available at no cost to NEHGS Guest Members, as well as to Individual Members.

We’d like to thank David Anderson for his help in indexing this volume, and to Sam Sturgis for his help in making this volume available online.

Please note: This database is available to all NEHGS members.  Learn more about becoming a NEHGS guest member (free).