Transcription Challenge #4 Results

Thank you to everyone who participated in Transcription Challenge last week.  We had over 60 responses!  This week we have 5 more mystery names to decipher and we would love your help.  Visit our Transcription Challenge page to offer a suggestion.

Here are the chosen transcriptions from last week’s challenge:

  1. Edward Coyle
  2. Edwd., Edward Foley
  3. Hannah and John Lyod, Lloyd
  4. James and James Killmartin, Kilmartin
  5. Alice and Arthur Timmons
  6. Gul., Gulielmus, William O’Brien and Mar. A., Mary A. Reynolds
  7. Gul. T., Gulielmus T., William T. Horrigan and Marg., Margaret O’Mara
  8. Gabel F. Bryant