Transcription Challenge #7 Results

We really appreciate the help with last week’s Transcription Challenge.  Week 6 was particularly hard–not just the special challenge, but also some of the other names.  Here are the chosen interpretations below.  These choices are based upon research done by our wonderful Transcription Challenge participants, research here at NEHGS, and the physical appearance of the letters on the page.

This week we have a new set of challenges from St. Joseph (Boston) and Sacred Heart 0f Jesus (Cambridge).  The third image is from a uniquely messy book of sick calls.  Addresses are given next to the names, which may be of help in deciphering them!  Visit our Transcription Challenge page to offer a suggestion.  As always, thanks to everyone who is participating in this challenge!

  1. Latoraca, Laturraca
  2. Cristina Lacorcia
  3. Moneypenny
  4. Clow, Clou, Chloe, Olon
  5. Deforce, Defource, Defonce
  6. de Glorie, de Gloria
  7. Paulus de Santis and Rose Adelaide de Gonsallo, Gonsallos