Early Vermont Settlers: 37 new sketches from Hartford, VT

By Magicpiano [CC BY-SA 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], from Wikimedia Commons

Today we’re announcing 37 new sketches from Hartford, VT, which we’ve added to Early Vermont Settlers, 1700-1784.  This database focuses on families that lived in Vermont prior to the end of the Revolutionary War, as identified in Donald Alan Smith’s thesis “Legacy of Dissent: Religion and Politics in Revolutionary Vermont 1749 to 1784” (Clark U., Ph.D., 1980).  The new sketches are listed below:

John Bennett (Hartford)
David Bliss (Hartford)
Henry Bragg (Hartford)
William Bramble (Hartford)
Alexander Brink (Hartford)
Benjamin Burtch (Hartford)
Jonathan Burtch (Hartford)
Mitchell Clark (Hartford)
Nathan Damon (Hartford)
Noah Dewey (Hartford)
Thomas Emerson (Hartford, Rochester)
Israel Gillett (Hartford)
John Gillett (Hartford)
Joshua Hazen (Hartford)
Nathaniel Holbrook (Hartford)
Otis Little (Hartford)
Abel Marsh (Hartford)
Eliphalet Marsh (Hartford)
Elisha Marsh (Hartford)
John Marsh (Hartford)
Thomas Miner (Hartford)
Christopher Pease (Hartford)
Samuel Pease (Hartford)
Daniel Pinneo (Hartford)
Thomas Richardson (Hartford, Hartland)
Eleazer Robinson (Hartford)
Thomas Savage (Hartford)
Elkanah Sprague (Hartford)
Benajah Strong (Hartford)
Elijah Strong (Hartford)
John Strong (Hartford, Woodstock)
Solomon Strong (Hartford)
Stephen Tilden (Hartford)
John Udall (Hartford)
Lionel Udall (Hartford)
Henry Woodward (Hartford)
Benajmin Wright (Hartford)

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