New browsable Catholic records from Andover and Cambridge

St. Paul (Cambridge) July 2018

Today we’re announcing 12 new volumes in Massachusetts: (Image-Only) Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston Records, 1789-1900 from St. Augustine (Andover) and St. Paul (Cambridge).  This update adds over 2,000 new images to browse.  St. Augustine was established in Andover in 1852 as an outgrowth of St. Mary’s in Lawrence.  St. Paul was established in 1875, breaking off from St. Peter’s in Cambridge.  St. Augustine (Andover) includes five overlapping baptism volumes which were all included in this update as none is an exact replica of another.  You may find duplicate records for a single event within these volumes.  We’d like to thank the following scanners for helping with these parishes: John Phlo, Francis Alix, Ross & Linda Weaver, Kiera Breitenbach, Eileen McCarthy, Tom Dreyer, and Jeff Erickson. Be sure to watch our how-to video for tips on how to navigate this collection.  The new volumes are listed below.

St. Augustine (Andover) Baptisms and Confirmations, 1862-1892
St. Augustine (Andover) Baptisms, 1862-1894
St. Augustine (Andover) Baptisms, 1885-1900
St. Augustine (Andover) Baptisms, 1892-1895
St. Augustine (Andover) Baptisms, 1894-1900
St. Augustine (Andover) Confirmations 1894-1900
St. Augustine (Andover) First Communions, 1895-1900
St. Augustine (Andover) Marriages, 1862-1892
St. Augustine (Andover) Marriages, 1892-1900

St. Paul (Cambridge) Baptisms, 1875-1900
St. Paul (Cambridge) Confirmations, 1875-1900
St. Paul (Cambridge) Marriages, 1875-1900