New hint sources for American AncesTREES

An American AncesTREES view including available hints.

69 databases can now provide hints for American AncesTREES. What do we mean by hints? Maybe in your American AncesTREEs family tree you have an ancestor who was born in 1860. Maybe we have a baptism for someone of the same name that also happened in 1860. Thanks to our most recent hinting update, you could get a hint suggesting that our 1860 baptism pertains to your 1860 birth. We’ve just added 47 new databases to the pool of databases offering hints, each of which is unique to

You can get a complete list of databases that provide hints from the Database A-Z List. Use the Search menu on our homepage, and chose Browse Databases A-Z. Then if you do a search for the term Hinting,  you will see the full list of databases currently providing hints to American AncesTREES.

American AncesTREES is available to all members. You can learn more information about it here