Archdiocese of Boston: New browsable records from Boston neighborhoods

Our Lady of the Assumption in East Boston, from a pamphlet called Facts Concerning East Boston held by Historic New England.

Today we’ve added 45 new volumes to Massachusetts: (Image-Only) Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston Records, 1789-1920 from 11 parishes: Our Lady of the Assumption (East Boston), St. Adalbert (Dorchester), St. Ambrose (Dorchester), St. Andrew the Apostle (Forest Hills), St. Angela Merici (Mattapan), St. Joseph (East Boston), St. Lazarus (East Boston), St. Leo (Dorchester), St. Mark (Dorchester), St. Paul (Dorchester), and St. William (Dorchester). This update adds over 7,000 new pages to browse.

If you need help navigating this collection, please consult our most recent webinar, Archdiocese of Boston Catholic Records Project: We’re Expanding! 

The new volumes are listed below:

Our Lady of Assumption (East Boston) Baptisms, 1901-1906
Our Lady of Assumption (East Boston) Baptisms, 1906-1912
Our Lady of Assumption (East Boston) Baptisms, 1913-1920
Our Lady of Assumption (East Boston) Marriages and Confirmations, 1896-1920

St. Adalbert (Hyde Park) Baptisms, 1912-1919
St. Adalbert (Hyde Park) Baptisms, 1919-1920
St. Adalbert (Hyde Park) First Communions, 1918-1920
St. Adalbert (Hyde Park) Interments, 1913-1920
St. Adalbert (Hyde Park) Marriages, 1912-1920

St. Ambrose (Dorchester) Baptisms, 1914-1920
St. Ambrose (Dorchester) Marriages, 1914-1920

St. Andrew the Apostle (Forest Hills) Baptisms, 1918-1920
St. Andrew the Apostle (Forest Hills) Confirmations, 1920
St. Andrew the Apostle (Forest Hills) Marriages, 1918-1920

St. Angela Merici (Mattapan) Baptisms, 1908-1918
St. Angela Merici (Mattapan) Baptisms, 1918-1920
St. Angela Merici (Mattapan) Confirmations, 1910-1920
St. Angela Merici (Mattapan) First Communions, 1909-1920
St. Angela Merici (Mattapan) Marriages, 1908-1920

St. Joseph (East Boston) Baptisms, 1914-1920
St. Joseph (East Boston) Confirmations, 1917-1920
St. Joseph (East Boston) Marriages, 1914-1920

St. Lazarus (East Boston) Baptisms, 1904-1917
St. Lazarus (East Boston) Baptisms, 1919-1920
St. Lazarus (East Boston) Confirmations, 1907-1920
St. Lazarus (East Boston) Interments, 1904-1920
St. Lazarus (East Boston) Marriages, 1904-1920

St. Leo (Dorchester) Baptisms, 1902-1909
St. Leo (Dorchester) Baptisms, 1910-1920
St. Leo (Dorchester) Confirmations, 1905-1920
St. Leo (Dorchester) Marriages, 1902-1920

St. Mark (Dorchester) Baptisms, 1906-1916
St. Mark (Dorchester) Baptisms, 1916-1919
St. Mark (Dorchester) Baptisms, 1919-1920
St. Mark (Dorchester) Confirmations, 1906-1920
St. Mark (Dorchester) Marriages, 1906-1920

St. Paul (Dorchester) Baptisms, 1908-1910
St. Paul (Dorchester) Baptisms, 1908-1918
St. Paul (Dorchester) Baptisms, 1918-1920
St. Paul (Dorchester) Marriages, 1908-1910
St. Paul (Dorchester) Marriages, 1908-1920

St. William (Dorchester) Baptisms, 1909-1919
St. William (Dorchester) Baptisms, 1919-1920
St. William (Dorchester) Confirmations, 1911-1920
St. William (Dorchester) Marriages, 1909-1920

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