Early Vermont Settlers, 1700-1784: 4 new sketches

Brattleboro (Ken Gallager, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)

Today we’ve added four new sketches to Early Vermont Settlers, 1700-1784, highlighting families who lived in Brattleboro. The new sketches are listed below:

Burt, Joseph (Brattleboro)
Church, Nathaniel (Brattleboro)
Church, Nathaniel, Jr. (Brattleboro)
Kendrick, Lemuel (Brattleboro)

Scott Andrew Bartley’s study project tracks heads of families who lived in Vermont prior to the Revolutionary War.  His sketches so far have focused on Windham and Windsor counties.

The latest cluster of sketches focus on families who lived in Brattleboro, Vermont. Fort Dummer was the precursor to Brattleboro. The fort was established during Dummer’s War, a series of conflicts between settlers of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and Native Americans. The main conflict of Dummer’s War centered around boundaries–what belonged to the American colonists? What land belonged to the Native Americans? What land belonged to the British? These conflicts took place from 1722-1725 along the Kennebec River in Maine, in Nova Scotia, and in western Massachusetts. Brattleboro was established in 1753 as part of the New Hampshire land grants (when both New Hampshire and New York laid claim to the present state of Vermont).

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