Archdiocese of Boston: New browsable records from Whitman and Dorchester

Leaf from a Byzantine Lectionary depicting St. Matthew, Cleveland Museum of Art [CC0]

Today we’ve added eight new volumes to Massachusetts: (Image-Only) Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston Records, 1789-1900 from Holy Ghost (Whitman) and St. Matthew (Dorchester). This update adds over 250 new pages to browse.

Holy Ghost (Whitman) began as a mission of St. Bridget (Abington). The town of Whitman was known as South Abington until 1886.

St. Matthew (Dorchester) was established in 1900 out of territory that belonged to the parish of St. Gregory. For each of the sacraments in this parish there are two volumes that contain overlapping records. Both volumes are presented since there seems to be some marginalia noted in one volume but not the other. In both cases, Volume 2 has an index while Volume 1 does not.

We’d like to thank volunteers Eileen McCarthy, Francis Alix, Tim Belgrad, Greta Gaffin, Tate Lehmann and Bill Wolfendale for their help making this update possible.

If you need help navigating this collection, please consult our how-to video.  The new volumes are listed below:

Holy Ghost (Whitman) Baptisms, 1887-1897
Holy Ghost (Whitman) Baptisms, 1897-1900
Holy Ghost (Whitman) Confirmations, 1898
Holy Ghost (Whitman) Marriages, 1897-1900

St. Matthew (Dorchester) Baptisms, 1900 (Volume 1)
St. Matthew (Dorchester) Baptisms, 1900 (Volume 2)
St. Matthew (Dorchester) Marriages, 1900 (Volume 1)
St. Matthew (Dorchester) Marriages, 1900 (Volume 2)

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